MotoPro™ Alarm Disk Brake Lock

MotoPro™ Alarm Disk Brake Lock

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MotoPro™ Alarm Disk Brake Lock

Protect your Bicycle and Motorcycles from Thieves

Can't stop thinking if your Bicycle or Motorcycle is safe from thieves? 

Protect your property and release yourself from the worry of whether your property is safe using this MotoPro™ Alarm Disk Brake Lock. It is very easy to use. Just put the lock in your disk brake, lock it, and leave it worry-free. It immobilizes your bicycle or motorcycle so thieves can't go anywhere with it. It also sounds an alarm on shock so people will be alerted if anyone tries to remove it without the keys.

Protect your property now!

Features of MotoPro™ Alarm Disk Brake Lock:


  • Waterproof. Can be left outside even when raining.
  • Made from durable materials. Can't be easily opened forcefully.
  • Immobilizes your motorcycle or bicycle by blocking your disk break
  • Sounds an alarm if the lock or vehicle is vibrated